Citadel Auto Weather Station

We, at Citadel, have developed a fully automatic weather station with accurate readings of temperature, rainfall, wind speed, humidity and other relevant data, updated within an interval of 19 seconds.
These AWS are designed to provide farmers and other primary sector workers advanced and simplified information at their fingertip.
This model developed by Citadel Research can be easily ground proofed and validated at micro-level farm clusters.

Crop insurance policies designed around seasonal failures and weather-related damages is ill-suited to mitigate the losses mainly because of the unpredictability of weather patterns at micro-level for farmers.
The 675 automatic weather stations in the country are at different levels of functionality and installation. The micro-level data procuring, ground validating and proofing systems are woefully inadequate for the diverse agricultural topography in India.
We need intensified, efficient and economical weather mapping to design better crop insurance policies and also as well preemptive measure for better productivity.