Health informatics is dramatically transforming the way care is delivered, by integrating medical knowledge with information technology. Citadel believes in promoting high quality care in the most cost effective way, while accumulating meaningful information to facilitate future business decisions.

The healthcare value chain is becoming more integrated by the day. The need is to have systems that seamlessly connect healthcare providers, health insurance companies and managed care organizations. The heart of this vision is sharing information and knowledge appropriately so as it is available to organizations and people when they need it to make the best possible decisions. Ready access to relevant, reliable information and secure modes of communication would enable consumers, patients, healthcare providers and managed care organizations and others to address personal and community health concerns far more effectively.

In line with the aforementioned global need, our mission is to build state-of-art Information System products for Hospitals, Managed Care Organizations, Insurance Companies, Doctors, Clinics and Diagnostic Centers that can communicate with each other and form the Healthcare Information Infrastructure.