M-Care is a Managed Care Information Systems that has a complete suite of modules intended for automation of  Health Insurance Companies, Health Management Organizations and Third Party Administrators. M-Care has  international best practices mapped to it. It offers an inbuilt scalable model with its de-centralized architecture that enables processing from multiple centers.  M-Care has a well developed web interface that provides a secure and real-time information access to individual members, healthcare providers, employers and insurance companies. The software resides at  both the healthcare provider and  the insurance  company, making transactions faster and easier to manage. 

Insurance company side features   Healthcare provider side features
Accreditation and Contracting of Providers.   Verification of the member registration with the insurance company
Designing of benefit plans.   Verification of member grade, eligibility, limits, balances as per the insurance plan
Registration of Employer Organizations   Verification of authorization given by the gatekeeper of the insurance company.
Enrollment of members of the organization.   Daily billing is uploaded into the insurance company.
Pre-authorization   Claim submission and processing
Real-time checks on member limits and issues warning when 75% of the limit  is utilized.    
Claims submission after the treatment given to the member can be done online.     
Manual, automatic and semi-automatic claim adjudication for  better service to the member and employer    
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