HIPaR Family is a comprehensive medicine guide that covers over 1200 basic medicines,21000 branded medicine items and 800 manufacturers HIPaR contains easy-to-read information that helps you understand your medication and enables you to make informed choices. HIPaR Family carries information that is not complicated and has facts about how to take your medication,what to avoid while taking your medication, what are the side effects, how does one medicine interact with another and many more medication related information for the family.


Medication Related Information

  • Diseases that can be treated with a particular medicine

  • Conditions under which a medicine should not be taken

  • Side effects for a particular medicine

  • Interaction of one medicine with another

  • Alterations in Lab results caused by a particular medicine

  • Food restrictions that apply with a particular medicine

  • Recommended dosage and over dosage precautions for a particular medicine

  • Other side effects and precautions related to a particular medicine

 General Information

  • Generic Name and Strength

  •  Dose Form

  • Route of Administration

  • Alternate Brands

  • Manufacturers

  • Retail Packing

  • Maximum Retail Prices